Vilar de Mouros Festival

The Vilar de Mouros Festival is a music festival taking place in the summertime at Vilar de Mouros, not far from the Azenha do Tio Luis, in the other margin.

The first time it was organized was in 1965, first with local folk music, but it was in 1971, organized by Antonio Barge, that it jumped to the national and international media, known as the Portuguese “Woodstock” due to it’s similarities and known international pop stars like Elton John, Pop Five Music Incorporated, Manfred Mann amoung many others.

Only 11 years later, in 1982, the festival was organized again, and what a handfull of music stars came in: U2, The Stranglers, Durutti Column, Sun Ra Arkestra, Charlie Haden, Echo & the Bunnymen, Johnny Copland, Saheb Sarbib, Mikis Theodorakis, Jáfumega, GNR, Heróis do Mar, Vitorino de Almeira and Carlos Paredes amoung others! Who was fortunate enough to attend this event will never forget it.

Again, it was not came to live until 1996, and later on 1999 and every year until 2006. Next one was in 2014, and every year since then.

The festival takes place in August, and is know a national reference in the summer music festivals in Portugal.

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