About Azenha do Tio Luis

The Azenha do Tio Luis is a rural tourism guest house rebuilt upon an old watermill in the right margin of the river Coura at Vilar de Mouros, not far from Caminha in the Portuguese northwest border with Spain.

The river Coura, and this particular place where the house is built, is a well known spot where the local inhabitants and people from all Portugal and Spain come on summer days for it’s beauty, wind protected river beach, and where in August takes place a music festival.

The watermill was first bought by the organizer of the Vilar de Mouros Festival, Antonio Barge, in the late seventies of the 20th century, who wishes to transform it in a restaurant, but he did not succeed, and the building was left abandoned until 2014, without its roof and watermill wheels. We bought the house and terrain a few years ago and started a tourism project, which is now to be opened, though not yet completed. We expect to build some more rooms and a swimming pool in the near future.

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